Pros and cons of AC Hotel Guadalajara

This hotel gives a great impression at first glance. The staff in the lobby are really friendly and you feel welcome. And then you see the pool that looks awesome. Though the water is pretty cool. Also, the hotel has leased the space for a low-end clothing photoshoot and they were always in the place.

The room looks great, but then you realize it is too small, you can hear everything that the upper room does in the bathroom. And you do not have much privacy (noise) in the bathroom with someone else when sharing the room. The TV has very limmited content in English and also does not support the SAP feature. I am Mexican, but I appreciate content in its original language. Can not imagine how someone from abroad can enjoy it either. My friend and I happen to also have a doorstop that is located on the floor that is in the way of the right when you walk into the bathroom. It was painful for both of us. I sucked at the bottom of the foot and she tore a fingernail.

I woke up late on Sunday and we decided to relax and have a rest. I got a note under the door that said there is no cleaning service in the afternoon. So, no refurbishment service or new water bottles and toiletries.

I have not seen meals or anything suggested by room service even though the hotel has its own restaurant. I noticed it when I left the hotel, because someone in the elevator had pressed the wrong button. I'm thankful for Ubereats, but they are not allowed to deliver right on your doorstep even if you hire their entry.

I have to say that the decor is nice and I liked it in the details. All in all, in spite of the above mentioned issues with the service and the room itself, AC Hotel Guadalajara in Mexico had left a pleasant feeling. Although I think next time I'm in the area I'll try something different.