My holiday in Shanghai

A weekend in Shanghai is little time to enjoy all the sights and sounds of this delightful city. Staying in Hotel Shijia Inn By The Bund is affordable. You can find hotels in Shanghai that provide you with stellar customer service and have all the amenities nearby. Even the discount hotels in Shanghai are stunning and luxurious. By staying in the Shanghai cheap hotels, you will have more money to bring back souvenirs for family and friends. Shanghai Ji Hotel Hongqiao Branch offers a variety of expeditions for you to see and experience.

The Shanghai Antique and Curio Store is the official place to pick up souvenirs from Shanghai. The Yunhong Chopsticks Shop is also a souvenir store with a variety of inexpensive, yet high quality items to stow in your suitcases. The most visible building in Shanghai is the Jinmao Tower, which can be seen from most areas of the city. The trip up the tower will permit a nice panoramic view of the city of Shanghai. The Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar offers up countless unique items and beautiful exotic flora and fauna.